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World class scuba diving in Cozumel!

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Enjoy the island of Cozumel and dive its world renowned reefs! DRESSEL DIVERS, located right inside the Cozumel Marine Park, is at the forefront of top quality diving trips & tours in Cozumel

For maximum scuba diving at great value check our Cozumel dive packages & deals!  We provides safe and quality diving in Cozumel with great respect for these protected reefs and adjusted to every level of experience.

The amazing reefs of Cozumel are considered some of the best in the world for scuba diving. So we hope to welcome you soon in our Cozumel Dive Shop for some of the best island diving anywhere!

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For information, prices or reservations PLEASE FILL OUT OUR FORM

Come see why diving in Cozumel is so fantastic!

Famous oceanographers, like Jacques Cousteau, have praised these reefs for there beauty and abundant marine life. Do not miss the opportunity to explore them!

Cozumel’s natural park! Established on July 19, 1996 by federal decree, with the aim to protect and monitor the area this park is simply a diving dream come true! A paradise for scuba diving, Cozumel's Marine Park starts its chain of outstanding dive sites south of downtown, with aptly named Paradise Reef, and stretches out all the way to the southern end of the island. This marine park is protected home to the most incredible coral reef and marine inhabitants on the planet. The Park covers about 29,600 acres of safeguarded ocean and coastline estimated to be the home of 262 species of fish swimming between 105 different types of coral.

Our dive shop is located in the Marine Park putting you right where you want to be.

We are located inside the marine park in the

(Adress:Carretera Costera Sur Km 17782, El Cedral, Cozumel, Q. Roo, Mx, CP: 77710)

DRESSEL DIVERS operates mainly from Iberostar hotels and resorts because they are always perfectly located for the needs of scuba divers, and this is especially so in Cozumel.  Guest of hotels on the island also dive with us as we can easily be reached. 

Join our dive excursion from Cozumel to the nearby mainland!whale shark vertical 2

Diving here is so great you may think there is no reason to get of the island. But there is. On the mainland, a short ferry ride across from Cozumel, lays the Yucatan jungle. This jungle is different. It is the place of some of the best in cavern diving in the world. We offer to take you there on excursions because not to would be irresponsible. Whale sharks are another reason to leave the island for a day.

For scuba divers



For everyone



For information, prices or reservations PLEASE FILL OUT OUR FORM

Popular Cozumel diving offers!

Those clients that plan and prepay their recreational scuba diving in advance with the help of our reservations department will benefit from our 20% PREPAYMENT DISCOUNT. Our central office can also send you price lists for all
services on offer and give you a quote for those you choose.

Cozumel offer drift dives, deep dives, diving at night and everything else absolutely perfect for an advanced diving course to be a fantastic experience. One of the best places on the planet to dive is of course a great place to become a better scuba diver also. So why not sign up for our FREE ADVANCED course! You only pay the PADI registration fee, the book and use you dives already bought.

free nitrox horizontal

We offer FREE NITROX tanks on every dive for nitrox certified divers. If you do not have this certification we recommend obtaining it with DRESSEL DIVERS on arrival to benefit from the free nitrox tanks.

The Iberostar Cozumel is a divers hotel so DRESSEL DIVERS is very well positioned to offer you a COMBINED HOTEL & DIVING DEAL reserving all your dives and hotel nights in one great offer. Prices vary depending on the time of year. Therefore please contact us for a quote in line with your travel plans.

Get more for less with a Cozumel dive package!

In Cozumel Island you just want to diving and diving, the more the better. Therefore without doubt this is the ideal place to benefit from our PACKAGES WITH FREE SCUBA DIVES. Diving often is rewarded with extra dives free of charge on top of you purchase. 

In Cozumel you have the option of doing two tank dives or single dives. On a two-tank dive trip you do 2 dives in 2 different sites.

If you are interested in just 1 scuba dive or a couple of dives, you can buy single dives or 1 two tank dive.

We offer different single dive packages as well as two tank diving packages.

For the diver who wants to see it all, we designed a scuba diving package that covers all of the best diving in Cozumel including an excursion to the mainland.

COZUMEL TWO-TANK SCUBA PACKAGESthe more you buy the cheaper they get, up to 12 two tanks + 20 % prepayment discount!

  • You do 2 dives during an AM or PM boat trip > 2 dives, each at a different site.
  • A two-tank dive cannot be split up into 2 single dives.
  • two-tank packages may be used between several divers


  • Flexible diving packages: you do 1 dive per dive trip OR you use 2 scuba dives to go on a two-tank dive trip.
  •  These packages (except the Family Package) cannot be shared by more divers.
  •  You can add more dives to any of the packages

You can choose from the following: 

COZUMEL SHRIMP: You buy 5 dives and we offer you 1 free. In total 6 scuba dives.

COZUMEL DOLPHIN: You buy 9 dives and we offer you 3 free.In total 12 dives. 

COZUMEL WHALE: You buy 12 dives and we offer you 6 free.In total 18 dives.

COZUMEL FAMILY: You buy 10 dives and we offer you 2 free.In total 12 scuba dives. This is the ONLY single diving package where different divers can use dives from the same package; the other single diving packages are STRICTLY PERSONAL

COZUMEL GORILLA: This package includes 10 dives, 1 night dive and 1 excursion. It´s a dive package designed for the diver who wants to see all of Cozumel.

For information, prices or reservations PLEASE FILL OUT OUR FORM

Pick a Scuba Course and learn to dive in Cozumel

Cozumel Island is a outstanding place to learn scuba diving.  It simply is a privilege to learn diving on some of the most famous reefs on the planet. Learn now! Dive always! 


Heated pools are everywhere but not heated sites for scuba diving! So if you started your course in a pool back home why not do the required dives during your vacation in the warm open water with great visibility.

For information, prices or reservations PLEASE FILL OUT OUR FORM

                                                     kids diving

The island offers equally exciting snorkeling trips

  • For your children
  • For non-divers
  • To go on excursion with your diver companion

If scuba diving it not your thing this is the next best way to observe under water life in a natural setting and does not require special training, only the ability to swim.

If you are traveling with non-diving friends or family this is the best way for them to join you on excursion and also visit the reefs.

Our Cozumel dive shop, gear and boats are ready for you!

DRESSEL DIVERS will take you diving any day of the year and several times a day!

Leaving from our center on the very beach of the Iberostar Cozumel Hotel, we offer scuba diving trips to more than 20 different sites on this island's incredible reefs. We offer 4 dives per day, and several night dives per week.

The trips on our comfortable boats last less than 15 minutes, from the pier of your hotel to the sites.

We are right inside the Cozumel Marine Park and do our planning of dive sites in such manner that you will not visit the same reefs twice during your stay. Reefs in Cozumel are so impressive and some so famous that the merit repeat visits. So this too is made possible.

Outstanding Service & Safety Record

Scuba Diving is a great sport because it is a safe sport if done correctly and with the right precautions. At Dressel Divers we know this and therefore in over 20 years we are in operation have always made your safety our top priority. From there our impeccable safety record over these many years. Our staff is also very service conscious and will strive to give you an unforgettable all-round diving experience while visiting us. We want you to have not only a fantastic but also a safe time in the water, on our boats and do everything with this in mind.

Comfortable and Spacious Dive Boats

barco cozumel

All diving is boat diving to ensure you visit the best sites.  Their design facilitates comfort: ample space for the client and scuba equipment, easy entry and exit to and from the water.

All DRESSEL DIVERS boats are equipped with radio, GPS, oxygen, extra scuba equipment, and everything required by the United States Coast Guard for safety. Each boat is equipped with a roof for protection from the sun, and there is always fresh drinking water available on board.

High Quality Rental Scuba Gear

Tank and weights are included in the price of every dive in Cozumel!

For those divers who do not have complete equipment, or simply did not wish to travel with it, we offer the possibility to rent all items or parts. We provide the highest standard of technology in rental dive equipment. Our scuba gear is prime quality, regularly maintenance, renewed and updated. You will find we have a wide variety of gear, adequate for specific types of clients, with respect to age, size, tastes, etc.

Our Cozumel cylinders, fillings stations and air compressors are operated and maintenance by qualified well trained staff in absolute accordance with the generally recommended industry standards and those specific to the brand we use.

General Information useful to divers!

Cozumel, before becoming famous for diving was a small community of mainly fishermen until 1961 until Jacques Cousteau told the world he had found one of the most beautiful diving areas in his travels. What makes diving in Cozumel even more amazing is the seas clarity, with up to 200 ft. visibility. As if nature new that such beauty needs and deserves nothing less than perfect visibility. So in terms of scuba, Cozumel brings together the best of the best and Dressel Divers with its uniquely placed dive center lodges you right in the middle of the marine park, as if part of it.

Scuba info:

  • No decompression diving !!!
  • Maximum Depth: 30 meters ( 99 feet )
  • Aluminum Tanks 12 Liters ( 80 Cubic feet ).
  • Full Tank : +/- 200 bar ( 3000 psi ) 
  • INT Connection, DIN Adapters available.
  • Fantastic for Underwater photography ( especially wide angle ) and Video.
  • Average visibility in Cozumel: +25 meters ( +75 feet ).
  • Coldest water temperature: 26 ºC ( 78.8 ºF ).
  • Warmest water temperature: 31 ºC ( 87.8ºF ).
  • Cozumel Diving season: All year round.

In order to dive with us you have to be a certified diver or a student of one of our courses. Please bring your certification card and logbook, and if you have or have had any medical problems, a statement from your doctor that you are fit to dive.

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