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Scuba Diving In Montego Bay and Dive School Info!

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Thinking of going to Montego Bay & diving there? Great thinking! Tropical Bays are expected to offer great scuba diving & Montego Bay Marine Park meets the expectation.

The area where we dive in Montego Bay is very unspoiled and no other dive centres visit our reefs. The quality of the coral is surprisingly good and so are the views from the boat. The Montego Bay coastline offers green tropical hills sloping down to the sea. So scuba diving here offers alround impressive sights.  Yeah man, it's just a very beautifull place above and below the water!

Diving with DRESSEL DIVERS is very safe and top quality and we offer maximum scuba diving at great value through our Montego Bay dive packages!. Our dive trips & tours deliver alround satisfaction from novice to expert diver on well selected reefs in Montego Bay.

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For information, prices or reservations PLEASE FILL OUT OUR FORM

Welcome to Montego Bay´s Dive Zone!

Without doubt, we enjoy great scuba diving in Montego Bay, with an abundance of marine life and enviable visibility. There are wonderful shallow sites as well as several walls that start at app 10-12 meters / 33-40 feet.  There is also a deep wall that starts at 23 meters / 76 feet.

Marine Parks by definition offer unique scuba diving! So whenever there is one within reach of a great day trip DRESSEL DIVERS goes to them. The Montego Bay Marine Park has an area extending 15km2 full with countless types of fish and corrals, true ecological treat for diving. Crystal clear blue waters that give you perfect detail as well as amazing distance views.

Diving in the hotel area in Montego Bay is already excellent! Top it up with our excursion to the Marine Park to round off a perfect diving vacation.

DRESSEL DIVERS & Iberostar join services in the

(Adress: Branch Developments Rose Hall Main Road, Little River St. James, Montego Bay, JAM.)


Not staying in the Iberostar! Not a problem! Many divers join us from adjacent hotels or resorts in the Montego Baya area to enjoy our services. You will feel as welcome as residing clients themselves. It is mostly very easy to reach us and truly worth the while doing so.

Montego Bay Diving Excursions

As in all tourist destinations worth their fame some of the worthwhile things to see require a day trip. So do some very worthwhile dives. For this reason DRESSEL DIVERS organizes several types of excursions in Montego Bay that allow you to get away from the hotel yet stay in touch with your passion for scuba diving and other activities in the water.

The Montego Bay Marine park protects the reef and fish from know harm and welcomes divers to see the results of this great effort to preserve an amazing ecosystem.  It is a privilige to be allowed to join the reef inhabitants in there protected habitat and feel part of this exclusive underwater world that is as it should be.

For scuba divers

MONTEGO BAY MARINE PARK DIVE EXCURSION   This tour combines with the MONTEGO BAY MARINE PARK SNORKEL EXCURSION so non diver friends or family can join you.

For everyonedive Montego Bay



For information, prices or reservations PLEASE FILL OUT OUR FORM

Montego Bay Dive Offers

DRESSEL DIVERS offers a 20% PREPAYMENT DISCOUNT to all clients choosing to prepay for recreational dive services via our international bookings department in central office.For price quotes and information on our complete set of products please contact us. Our staff will be happy to help you choose among our many possibilities.

Advanced diving offers an advance in enjoyment. With increased skill comes increased fun and adventure. This is why we offer the FREE ADVANCED program to all interested in taking it to the next level. In order to join the course you only pay the PADI registration fee, the PADI advanced book and use you dives already bought.

Our COMBINED HOTEL & DIVE DEALS allow you to make one and only one booking for both you diving and hotel plans. These combined rates also offer great price possibilities. Hotel rates vary with season and time of booking so please contact us to send you a proposal in line with you vacation dates.

Montego Bay Diving Packages

DRESSEL DIVERS has several PACKAGES WITH FREE DIVES on offer in Montego Bay with extra dives free the more you purchase. These packages are of various sizes easily adaptable to the length of your stay and depending on how often you want to hit the reefs. If you are interested in just 1 dive or a couple of dives, you can buy single dives. In addition, we offer different single dive packages:muelle jamaica 2

Please note:

  • only the Family Package can be shared by more divers
  • if you pay before arrival, you can get a 20% discount
  • You can add more dives to any of the packages

You can choose from the following scuba diving Packages:

Montego Bay SHRIMP package (5+1): Purchase 5 scuba dives and DRESSEL DIVERS adds 1 dive free.

Montego Bay DOLPHIN package (9+3): Purchase 9 scuba dives and DRESSEL DIVERS adds you 3 dives free.

Montego Bay WHALE package (12+6): Purchase 12 scuba dives and DRESSEL DIVERS adds you 6 dives free. This free is equivalent to half the dives you purchase!

Montego Bay FAMILY package (10+2): ( can be shared by friends & family ). Purchase 10 dives and DRESSEL DIVERS adds 2 dives free. This is the only package where different divers can use dives from the same package; the other packages are STRICTLY PERSONAL

For information, prices or reservations PLEASE FILL OUT OUR FORM

Montego Bay Scuba Diving Courses 

kids diving

  • FOR YOUR KIDS that will love some real off screen adventure! They can go bowling on the WII but not diving!

Montego Bay is a outstanding place to learn diving.

For information, prices or reservations PLEASE FILL OUT OUR FORM

Trips With Snorkeling in Montego Bay

  • For your kids who also want to see what is going on under the surface and on the reef. 
  • For non-divers with a passion for marine life.
  • To go on excursion to see more distant places and along with diver companions.

This is no doubt the next best way to observe the under water world to scuba diving and does not require special preperations. If you are able to swim and enjoy swimming you are ready to go. Just grab a mask and fins. 

If you are traveling with non-diving friends or family this is the best way for them to join you on excursion and also visit the reefs.

Montego Bay Dive Center, Equipment & Boats

The magnificent Iberostar Rose Hall Resort offers a fully equipped DRESSEL DIVERS scuba centre right on the premises of the hotel.



DRESSEL DIVERS organizes diving every day of the year in Montego Bay! Diving all year round is possible because of the permanent summer weather and resorts that are always open.

We go out several times a day to visit different reefs of the 12 dive sites in very close vicinity of the hotel. We vary reefs every day so you can see a different one every dive trip during you stay. Plus you can repeat the more popular sites if you choose to.

The distance to each dive site will be less than 10 minutes from the pier right in front of the our dive center in your hotel.

Among others we recommend diving on:

Devil’s Wall – 30m/100ft: This Dive site is the epitome of a “Rock `n’ Roll” wall dive. The site is on the edge of the continental shelf that is off the shore of Montego Bay. The top of the wall is at 80ft/24m and it drops vertically down to the ocean bed. A great dive when you’re looking for that sensation of flying under water. This site suites all certified scuba divers, and is a great choice as either the Adventure Drift or the Adventure Deep dive from the Advance Open Water Diving Course.diving center mexico

JAM Reef – 12m/40ft: This site is for those who are looking to see as much marine life as possible. With a series of canyons and boulders, this spot is where we are most likely to see sharks along with a variety of Rays, Turtles, Scorpion fish and much more. It is situated on the band of coral that carries along the North Coast of the Island, which originates from the Grand Cayman Barrier Reef. A great dive for all levels of experience.  

Rose Hall Reef – 12m/40ft: One of our more beautiful and unique sites, a short 10 minute boat ride from the Iberostar Hotel. With a maximum depth of 12m/40ft this is a “finger reef” with the shallowest top of the reef at 5m/15ft. There are series of canyons to navigate through, and as you’ll have magnificent table corals on both sides of you fighting for sunlight, this is a great place to test and improve your buoyancy. This is a wonderful Sunday afternoon site with beautiful scenery that never disappoints.

The Colosseum 30m/100ft: This dive site is one of our more recently discovered ones. The Colosseum is located a 5-to-7-minutes boat ride from the pier at the Iberostar Rose Hall Resort. The top of the reef lies at 18m/60ft and the walls of the reef drops down to the ocean floor. We recommend this dive site to fairly experienced divers who feel comfortable at greater depths. Looking from the surface you will already be able to see some activity making it a really exciting descent. Once going down you will begin to encounter some of our incredible mare life from big to small and if our timing is right we could see hunting barracudas, as this site is usually crowded by greater schools of fish. Another common encounter is the many time favourite turtle. The reef itself is very healthy, with several types soft and hard corals, such as beautiful sea fans and also a lot of macro life. Worth to mention is that this site has rapidly become not only our General Managers number 1 favourite site, but the whole staff of Dressel Divers Montego Bay loves The Colosseum.

Unbeatable Service & Safety Record

DRESSEL DIVERS is known in the Montego Bay scuba diving community for its strong attention to safety. With over 20 years at the forefront of diving in our destinations our impeccable record on safety is almost a trade mark. Our staff will give constantly care about you wellbeing on the boats and in the water while giving excellent diving service and a very entertaining all round atmosphere. They know that scuba diving should not only be excellent underwater but also the services before entry into the water and after exit from it.

Custom Made Diving Boats

Dressel Divers knows that the boat ride is very much the introduction and conclusion of a dive and therfore every bit as important as the quality of the dive itself. In Montego Bay our diving boats are custom designed by us to ensure they meet the comfort and safety standards you deserve.  Trimarans to minimize movement and seasickness they are very spacious with easy entry and exit points.  Compliance with United States Coast Guard regulations is guaranteed as well as the presence of radio, oxygen and GPS on board.  We have plenty of drinking water on board served by our staff before and after diving. Sunroofs provide constant shade. 

scuba jamaica

State Of The Art Scuba Gear

All DRESSEL centers have electrical top brand compressor that are exhaust free and follow very strict maintenance schedule.  We only use same brand filters and change these exactly in accordance with manufacturer prescription.  Our Scuba cylinders are inspected as prescribed by international standards and renewed much more often than is the standard for other diving shops.

Rental equipment of outstanding quality and all sizes is available should you not have you own or want to skip traveling with it.  This rental gear is regularly fully overhauled by technicians trained for the job and often renewed. Tanks and weights are of course included in every dive trip for free. 

Montego Bay Travel Info

Montego Bay Marine Park was the first national park in the country. It was jamaica marine parkcreated in 1992 to protect the fascinating underwater world of the bay, creating a perfect protectorate for scuba diving activities respectful of the parks rules. Montego Bay Marine Park has two specific zones specified as Fish Sanctuaries. These areas are given extra special protection by law (Fishing Industry Act). In the entire park it is prohibited to touch anything especially living corals when diving. Careful with fins, dangling hoses, cameras. Try not to stir up sand because that too can cause damage. It is illegal to collect or buy black or white corals in Montego Bay. So do not purchase coral jewelry or other coral ornaments. Leave all shells as they are whether alive or not because empty shells eventually become the home of crabs or small fish. Do not fish feed while scuba diving in Montego Bay as this destroy the normal eating habits of the fish.

Diving related data:

  • Recreational no decompression scuba diving.
  • Our Depth limit: 30 meters  ( 99 feet )
  • 12 Liter (80 Cubic feet) Aluminum Tanks 12 Liters.
  • Full Tank: +/- 200 bar (300 psi)
  • INT Connection, DIN Adapters available.
  • Average visibility in Montego Bay: +25 meters  ( +75 feet ).
  • Lowest sea temperature: 26 ºC ( 78.8 ºF ).
  • Highest sea temperature: 31 ºC ( 87.8ºF ).
  • Diving season extends all year.

In order to dive with us you have to be a certified diver or a student of one of our courses. Please bring your certification card and logbook, and if you have or have had any medical problems, a statement from your doctor that you are fit to dive.

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