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Scuba Diving In Puerto Plata and Dive Center Info!

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Diving in Puerto Plata you will explore the very first coastline viewed by Columbus. Puerto plata was the gateway to the new world and scuba diving its reefs you cant help sense the presence of some undisscovered shipwreck of that period.

Our dive trips will take you to the best reefs in Puerto Plata and nearby Sosua Bay. To visit as many of them as possible during your stay consider the added value of our dive packages.

Scuba diving is the perfect sport to cool down from a hot climate! So if you are not a diver yet why not start during your Puerto Plata vacation . Learn once and enjoy it on every trip after to the tropics. In Puerto Plata DRESSEL DIVERS offer PADI dive courses from beginner to the advanced level.

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For information, prices or reservations PLEASE FILL OUT OUR FORM

Welcome to Puerto Plata & Diving in the New World!

With scuba diving you will not just enjoy the ocean looking at it from your beach chair you will go visit its reefs below.

We offer different dive sites, among them the reefs of Sosua, to the south of Puerto Plata. In Sosua Bay there is an abundance of corals, and distinct species of fish, among which you can encounter the Angel Fish and the Trumpet Fish.

The second area of diving is located in front of Puerto Plata airport, at a distance of 15 minutes by boat from the beach of Iberostar. In this area you will encounter fish species such as those of the grouper family, red snappers etc,

You also find infinity of coral formations, more abundant along the deeper walls.

We have a fully equiped diving center in the wonderfull

(Adress: Carretera Luperon Km 2.5, Proyecto Marapica, Puerto Plata, DR.)

Many guests at other hotels in the same area of Puerto Plata choose DRESSEL DIVERS and come over daily for diving. Distances are not far as we are easily reached for a great double tank every morning.                                         buzos 

Puerto Plata Scuba Diving Offers

Puerto Plata is the place where you can take it to the next level for free. With our FREE ADVANCED scuba program you can use your scuba dives purchased already to reach the next certification level allowing you to enjoy more challenging dives sites independently. We only charge you for the PADI materials (book and PIC). The lessons are free.

Why not travel to Puerto Plata with a COMBINED HOTEL & DIVE DEAL fully organized by DRESSEL DIVERS. We offer great all in one prices and organize both your scuba diving and nights in the hotel. Depending on the time of the year these prices vary so please contact us for a quote in line with you expected travel plans.

Please contact us for our price list please. For Puerto Plata clients we offer a 15% PREPAYMENT DISCOUNT on recreational diving products if this is done via our central office.

Puerto Plata Dive Packages

DRESSEL DIVERS compensates divers that dive often with complementary scuba dives for free. Like airline miles our PACKAGES WITH FREE DIVES allow you to benefit from diving often during you vacation. 

In Puerto Plata you will be enjoying two tank dives, which consist of two single dives during the same boat trip. You will be scuba diving two
buzi peces different sites. We get back to the hotel between 12:30 and 13:00. There are no afternoon dives nor night dives. 

We offer different individual diving packages:

Puerto Plata SHRIMP: Book 5  scuba dives and we offer you 1 dive free. In total 6 dives > 3 two-tank dives

Puerto Plata DOLPHIN: Book 9 scuba dives and DRESSEL DIVERS offers you 3 dives free. In total 12 dives > 6 two-tank dives

Puerto Plata WHALE : Book 12 dives and DRESSEL DIVERS offers you 6 dives free. In total 18 dives > 9 two-tank dives

Puerto Plata FAMILY: Book 10 dives and DRESSEL DIVERS offers you 2 dives free. In total 12 dives > 6 two-tank. This is the only package where different divers can use dives from the same package; the other packages are to be used for individual divers.

For information, prices or reservations PLEASE FILL OUT OUR FORM

Puerto Plata Dive Courses

  • FOR CHILDREN who love the water more than anybody!
  • FOR BEGINNERS! A vacation is a perfect time to learn diving.
  • FOR REFERRAL STUDENTS wanting to finish their certification with DRESSEL DIVERS!
  • FOR ADVANCED DIVING, such as wreck, deep or night! PADI ADVANCED DIVER.

Puerto Plata is a outstanding place to learn scuba diving. It simply is a privilege to learn diving on some of the most famous reefs on the planet. 

nios buceo

Learn this vacation!
Go diving every  vacation after! 

Heated pools are everywhere back home but not enterily heated oceans! So if you started your course in a pool back home why not do the required dives during your vacation in the warm open water with great visibility.

For information, prices or reservations PLEASE FILL OUT OUR FORM

Trips With Snorkeling

  • For your kids that love water action.
  • For non-divers that want to visit the reef with just mask and fins.
  • To go on excursion and mix a visit to the country with a visit to its best reefs.

If scuba diving it not your thing this is the next best way to observe under water life in a natural setting and does not require special training, only the ability to swim.

If you are traveling with non-diving friends or family this is the best way for them to join you on excursion and also visit the reefs.

Puerto Plata Diving Shop, Boats and Gear

Every morning we make a double tank trip during which we offer 2 fantastic dives. Our dive shop is also open every day of the year, same as the hotel.

The trip to the first reef will take less than 15 to 30 minutes by boat from the beach of your hotel, offering some impressive views on the hills and mountains from out at sea.

We always plan our double tanks in such manner that you see many different reefs during your visit, unless specifically requested to return to a site already visited.

At DRESSEL DIVERS we know you want to feel safe as well as feel great. The best dives are also the safest dives. So our staff not only concentrates efforts on offering you a fantastic dive service but also on keeping you very safe. We have over two decades delivering outstanding diving with impeccable track record on safety. Our dive sites vary but not our attention to your enjoyment and safety. That is constant.

barco puerto plata

All DRESSEL DIVERS boats are equipped with radio, GPS, oxygen, extra scuba equipment, and everything required by the United States Coast Guard for safety. Each boat is equipped with a roof for protection from the sun, and there is always fresh drinking water available on board.

Tank and weights are included in the price of every dive and rental gear is available of all sizes for travelers without own equipment.  Our compressor is top brand and regularly maintenanced acording industry norms. 

Some dive site descriptions:

Johnny Reef: Depth is 12-25 meters. Bottom of several underwater hills with small caves where moray eels live along with lobsters, spider crabs, groupers and the occasional octopus.  Both sides of one of the hills end in a wall of about 10 meters that lowers all the way to 28 meters.  As in most of Central America lion fish populate the marine topography of Puerto Plata. Normally the current is minimal but can change rapidly in case of strong sea winds.  Visibility varies constantly during the year, reaching 25-30 meters during the best moments.  Only 5-7 minutes by boat leaving straight from the beach of you hotel.

Deep point: This reef lies between 18-30 meters and is located between two underwater hills, with big rocks that create a perfect hide out for many species of fish and critters.  Green moray eels, spider crabs, lobster, parrot fish, yellow tail snapper and the great barracuda are its principal inhabitants or visitors. At times even a turtle can show up here. The current varies depending on the direction and strength of the wind, but is never very strong. Maximum 7-8 boat trip from the hotel beach. 

Capitan’s garden: This dive is best described as a field of corals and sponges between 11-26 metros.  Trumpet fish abound among the fan corrals, tube sponges as well as the spot fin butterfly fish and some solitary porcupine fish.  The peacock flounder and sting ray are also seen on very regular basis.  About 9 to 10 minutes by boat from the beach of the hotel. 

Puerto Plata Travel Info

For true lovers of nature and history Puerto Plata is a great choice. The country is were European’s first settled the Americas. So scuba diving in puerto plata naturePuerto you can’t help feeling that some undiscovered shipwreck lies hidden nearby.

Scuba diving from the Iberostar in Puerto Plata you will not only enjoy the views under water but the views during the boat ride to the dive sites. Behind the tropical beaches along the entire Puerto Plata coastline lays a very impressive chain of mountains that make for spectacular views that perfectly complement your scuba diving. This is also the coastline on which Columbus arrived in the Americas. His first glimpse of the new world was this Puerto Plata Mountains range.

 The city of Puerto Plata is surrounded by hills and mountains. It’s beautiful oceanfront boulevard known for its restaurants, shops, and nightlife. Also, you will soon notice the fortified walls of the San Felipe castle, oldest military fort of the Americas and many other impressive buildings from the 1600's.

Practical Dive info:

  • No decompression scuba diving!
  • Maximum Depth: 30 meters ( 99 feet )
  • Aluminum Scuba Tanks 12 Liters ( 80 Cubic feet ).
  • Full tank: +/- 200 bar ( 3000 psi ). 
  • INT Connection, DIN Adapters available.
  • Average visibility in Puerto Plata: +20 meters ( +66 feet ).
  • Coldest water temperature: 26 ºC ( 78.8 ºF ).
  • Warmest water temperature: 30 ºC ( 86ºF ).
  • Diving season: All year round.

In order to dive with us you have to be a certified diver or a student of one of our courses. Please bring your certification card and logbook, and if you have or have had any medical problems, a statement from your doctor that you are fit to dive.

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