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Scuba Diving In Punta Cana and Dive Base Info!

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Punta Cana and Bavaro are adjacent and can confuse but not the scuba diving. One great long reef  system waiting for your dive and the next, whether you call it Punta Cana, Bavaro or both. The diving makes the difference not the name.

In Punta Cana, as in all our diving destinations, our scuba diving trips are top quality and very good value especially if you sign up for one of our dive offers or package deals!

DRESSEL DIVERS has a wide range of diving options, from recently certified diver to very advanced on the very best reefs in Punta Cana.

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For information, prices or reservations PLEASE FILL OUT OUR FORM

Dive in Punta Cana while diving in Bavaro?

In front of the splendid Bavaro beach lies the longest reef in the country, offering variety of scuba dive sites to pick from. You can visit Punta Cana’s best dive sites along 30 kms of reef stretching all the way from Bavaro to Punta Cana. Our dive center’s prime location gives you diving on the best sites with minimum boat travel.

While resting comfortably on your beach chair, you will be able to see the silhouette of the Astron wreck partly above the surface. It will be a constant reminder of the amazing wreck dive that awaits you. Its bow points at a long stretch of dive sites with corral gardens, impressive swim troughs and canyons.

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We offer local boat dives leaving from the beach of the

(Adress: Carretera Arena Gorda, Bavaro-Punta Cana, Higuey, DR.)

(Adress: Boulevard Turístico del Este Km.28No.74, Macao, DR.)

These wonderful Iberostar hotels offers a fully equipped DRESSEL DIVERS dive centre right on their premises but even if you are not an Iberostar guest in Punta Cana you are also very welcome to enjoy our services.  Many of our divers come over from other resorts to dive especially with us.

Punta Cana Scuba Diving Excursions

Punta Cana is a fantastic place and it is tempting just to stay on the longest beach and wonderful nearby reefs. But let us tempt you away from here for a day to go on a scuba excursions that ensure you do not miss out on some very good diving well worth enjoying before leaving the country.

SAONA ISLAND DIVING EXCURSION  A day trip perfectly combinable with the SAONA SNORKEL EXCURSION for non scuba divers that want to come along with you.

CATALINA  EXCURSION  a perfect trip to share for those interested in snorkeling as well as diving



For people interested in surfing or learning how to surf we also offer the:



For information, prices or reservations PLEASE FILL OUT OUR FORM

Punta Cana Dive Offers

We offer all certified scuba divers the possibility to obtain a FREE ADVANCED diving certification by simply purchasing the book and paying the PADI registrations fee. The course instruction itself is free using scuba dives already purchases.  In this manner DRESSEL DIVERS aims to motivate its divers to progres to the next certification level beyond entry level.

DRESSEL DIVERS can also offer very convenient COMBINED HOTEL & DIVING DEALS. As dive operator for Iberostar hotels in Punta Cana we can not only help you with your dive planning but also the booking of you hotel. Prices are a function of the hotel you choose and time of the year. So please contact us for more information if interested in this possibility.

Our 20% PREPAYMENT DISCOUNT is available on all recreational scuba diving services paid before arrival in Punta Cana. To be eligible all you need to do is prepay the dives and excursions of your choice via our central office reservations staff. Just contact them. They are on standby to help you select among our services the ones that suit you most and will send you a full price list.

Punta Cana Diving Packages

DRESSEL DIVERS compensates scuba divers that dive often with complementary dives for free. Like airline miles our PACKAGES WITH FREE DIVES allow you to benefit from diving often during you vacation.

If you are interested in just one scuba dive or a few dives, you can buy single dives. For the scuba diver who wants to see it all, DRESSEL DIVERS has designed a package that covers all of the best diving in Punta Cana.

In addition, we offer different size diving packages:


  • the Family Package is the only one that can be shared by more divers
  • if you pay your booking before arriving in Punta Cana to dive, you can get a 20% discount for doing this.
  • You can purchases addtional scuba dives to add to any of the packages at the same average rate of the package.

You can choose from the following Punta Cana diving Packages:

PUNTA CANA SHRIMP: Buy five tanks and we give one tank free. In total 6 dives.

PUNTA CANA DOLPHIN: Buy nine tanks and we give three tanks free. In total 12 dives.

PUNTA CANA WHALE: Buy twelve tanks and we give six tanks free. In total 18 dives.

PUNTA CANA FAMILY: Buy ten tanks and we give two tanks free. In total 12 dives. This is the only diving package where different divers can consume from the same package; the others are STRICTLY PERSONAL

PUNTA CANA GORILLA: This package includes eleven tanks and three excursions. This is a special scuba diving package designed for the diver who wants to see the best of the best of Punta Cana & surrounding area.

For information, prices or reservations PLEASE FILL OUT OUR FORM

Punta Cana Diving Courses

  • FOR YOUR CHILDREN that will love to blow bubbles underwater!
  • FOR BEGINNERS, that want to learn diving in warm tropical waters!
  • FOR REFERRALS that started back home but want to the openwater diving part on vacation.

Punta Cana is a outstanding place to learn diving.  It simply is a privilege to become a scuba diver on tropical reefs with great visibility and views. Learn now! Dive on every vacation after!

Heated pools are everywhere but not heated dive sites! So if you started your openwater program in a pool back home why not do the required dives during your vacation in the warm open water of Punta Cana with very colourfull reefs and fish.

For information, prices or reservations PLEASE FILL OUT OUR FORM

Trips In Punta Cana With Snorkeling

  • For your kids and their friends to enjoy a great vacation sport.
  • For non-divers to get some relaxing excercise finning and watching the reefs of Punta Cana
  • To go on excursion with those in your group that are going diving.

If scuba diving it not your thing this is by far the next best way to observe under water life with no special requirement but the ability to swim.

If you are traveling to Punta Cana with non-diving friends or family this is the best way for them to join you on  our excursions and visit the reefs.

Punta Cana Dive Center, Equipment & Fleet

Punta Cana is where we opened our very first diving center. Dressel Divers was born in Punta Cana more than a decade ago and from here we were the very first to organize scuba diving excursions to Saona Island, the most reputed national park in the country.

In Punta Cana we are located very centrally with respect to the best reefs and so our dive trips take no more than about 15 minutes by boat to reach them. The boat trip itself is great as you get fantastic views of the lagoons and coastline.

We have about 15 dive sites for you to choose from and vary diving destination every day to make sure you can scuba dive all those you want without repeating a site unless you are keen to do so, such as for example our great wreck dive.

We never have a closing day because it is always summer in Punta Cana and every day is a great day for diving. Whatever day or days you want to go diving, morning, afternoon or both we are ready to take you.


Some Punta Cana Reef Descriptions

Coral Reef (12-14 Mts.): Precious reef as the name implies, with original color due to the influences of the Mona channel. At about 5 minutes by boat the reef is composed of beautiful sponges, fan, brain and leafy corral that create a perfect habitat for its inhabitants. mall wall of about 4 meters height. This is a reef in the form of ¨fingers¨.  Butterfly fish, yellow tails, surgeonfish, trumpet fish, parrot fish, squirrel fish, flounder and many more are the owners of this impressive reef. We cross from one strip of reef to the next keeping the sand on one side.  An encounter with barracudas is very common and some nurse shark resting.                                                     

Rondana Reef (12-14 Mts.):  Impressive reef, very original in style only 5 minutes away by boat. The dive is a beautiful passage between tall rocks with variety of corrals and surprise passages or swim through that create spectacular light effects.  Pilar corral and elk horn corral with schools of parrot fish or yellow tails around them characterize Rondana Reef.  A lot of hidden creatures are found in crevices with high possibility of encountering moray eels, lobster, crabs and octopus. This is the preferred site of the manatees at some times of the year and it is common also to encounter an eagle ray in flight.                                                              

Anstron Wreck (12-14 Mts.): Popular shipwreck dive in Punta Cana. Russian owned, 120 meters long and weighing 27,990 tons, she was built in France in 1957. On her way to bring 60 tons of corn to Cuba surprised by a storm on 7 April 1978 she ran into the reefs of Punta Cana and broke into two. Her bow is still above the water and the stern submerged offering divers a great photo opportunity with its massive propeller. The depth of the dive to visit her is 16 meters, perfect for all levels of experience. Having gone down over 30 year ago the wreck is now fully integrated with marine life. There is a reason this is the number one scuba diving attraction on the Punta Cana coast.

Unbeatable Service & Safety Record

We offer very safe diving and cut no corners to do so. At DRESSEL DIVERS we know that safety comes first. That it is a precondition to great scuba diving. Therefore since the time of our first dive center opening (over 20 years ago) we have an impeccably safety record. Our clients are attended by professional staff trained to give excellent diving services at the shop, on the boats and in the water. They know there efforts must make the difference between a normal dive experience in Punta Cana and a fantastic dive experience.

Custom Made Diving Boatsclientes contentos

Our boats are not only faster than others getting you to the Punta Cana dive site squicker they are also more stable reducing seasickness. All our boats are catamarans or trimarans designed for stability and comfort by DRESSEL for Divers.  We offer very spacious boats on which to move around with plenty of room for your scuba equipment. Entry and exit are very easy and staff is always attending in every aspect of the trip. Our boats comply with USA coast guard regulations. We have lifejackets, GPS and radio on board, as well as plenty of drinking water and a sun roof to shade the scuba divers. 

State Of The Art Scuba Gear

Our cylinders are filled at air stations and from compressors that comply with the most stringent safety standards. We only use electrical compressors and change filters more often than recommended by the manufacturer. 

Scuba tanks and weights are included on every dive but other scuba gear is personal or can be rented fully or per item.  Our rentals are top of the line brands with a strictly set maintenance programs by qualified staff. We purchase all scuba equipment new and replace it for new very often.  We have a selection of sizes in masks, fins, wetsuits, BCD´s and weight belts to fit most everyone. 

Punta Cana Travel Info

Depending on the time of the year, diving in Punta Cana you will also be privileged to see humpback whales splash their massive tails farther out at sea and during your dives enjoy their underwater song.

Humpback whales! Whale-watching season starts mid-January and usually goes to the end of March. Over a thousand Humpback whales migrate from the North Atlantic to the Dominican Republic during their mating season, diving and splashing their tails. They gather mainly whales taleson the Silver Bank quite a distance to the north of Bavaro, but some whales excursion out from there along the coast to the hotel zone. The World Wildlife Fund rates Samana bay as one of the top places on the planet to watch these whales. The coastline at Samana bay simply becomes one big humpback nursery. The male humpback whales are logically very eager to impress the females at this time of the year with splashing tails and many newborn calves can be seen diving alongside their mothers. They have been coming to this coastline for centuries, and even appear in Taino cave drawings. Columbus too enjoyed their spectacle, as recorded in his 1493 travel log.

Practical info:

  • No decompression dives!
  • Maximum Depth: 99 feet (30 meters)
  • Aluminum Tanks & Size: 80 Cubic feet (12 Liters).
  • Full tank: +/-  3000 PSI (200 BAR).
  • INT Connection but DIN Adapters available.
  • Average visibility in Punta Cana: +66 feet (20 meters).
  • Coldest water temperature:  78.8 ºF (26 ºC ).
  • Warmest water temperature: 86ºF  (30 ºC ).
  • Diving season: all year round.

In order to dive with us you have to be a certified  scuba diver or a student of one of our courses. Please bring your certification card and logbook, and if you have or have had any medical problems, a statement from your doctor that you are fit to go scuba diving during your vacation in Punta Cana.

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